About Us

Background: The Emergency Services Authority is a 12-member board made up of EMS and first-responder professionals, physicians, elected officials and citizens, offering broad-based representation. Currently, the board includes two emergency room physicians, four fire district representatives, one paramedic, three elected officials, a citizen representative and a senior citizen representative.

Oversight: Under the contract that became effective on July 1, 2014, the ESA board oversees response time requirements and overall contract compliance with the ambulance provider. Assessments are based specifically on contractual agreements and actual response time data. Assessments are discussed with the ambulance provider and formally approved by the ESA board at open board meetings. The ESA has also appointed a Medical Control Committee made up of medical professionals to review ambulance service issues related to patient care. The ESA is additionally required to address complaints that may arise as it relates to contract compliance on a variety of issues. The ESA has an obligation to provide appropriate oversight in order to protect the public's interest and the safety of our community.

Public vs. Private: Within El Paso County, there are currently multiple fire-based ambulance transport services, which include: Black Forest, Fountain, and Tri-Lakes. It's important for our El Paso County citizens to know that the purview of the ESA board is to oversee the County contracted "private" ambulance provider. With that task at hand, our board must provide due diligence for both compliance and new contract/RFP processes and, as a result, the ESA board, the Fountain City Council and the County Commissioners approved a contract for ground emergency ambulance transport services in El Paso County.

We encourage interested citizens to attend meetings and learn more about the ESA by visiting www.esaboard.org, where board and committee meeting dates are listed. With the assistance of medical, emergency service and fire professionals, private citizens and various organizations, the ESA committed to providing appropriate and necessary oversight and assuring a sound and honest process for private emergency ambulance services in the future.

American Medical Response (AMR) is a proud community partner serving El Paso County for over 30 years. They are part of the community, developing solutions to meet its unique needs. They are professionals, meeting the highest performance standards in the industry.

AMR Class III ambulanceAMR was founded in 1992 through the consolidation of several well-established regional ambulance companies. AMR has since grown with more than 200 acquisitions.

They are a partner, offering the assurance of respect, compassion and dignity for every patient they serve. In addition to providing service for Colorado Springs and El Paso County, AMR is also the provider for Peterson Air Force Base.

In addition, they have service relationships with the City of Fountain, Falcon Fire Protection District, Donald Westcott Fire Protection District, Cimarron Hills Fire Protection District, and Manitou City. Their organization operates a fleet of advanced life support ambulances equipped with sophisticated EKG patient heart monitoring, Global Satellite Positioning Systems (GPS), electronic patient care reporting and road safety monitoring computers.

Today, AMR continues to provide excellent care as the sole emergency transport agency for the ESA's exclusive service area within El Paso County, and with a group of committed and dedicated personnel, will continue for many years to come.