ESA Customer Service

Customer Service Policy

It is the policy of the El Paso County Emergency Services Authority (ESA) and its ambulance contractor to provide excellent services to all customers under the short term Agreement for emergency ambulance services effective April 1, 2014. Contract administrators, under the direction of the ESA Board, will resolve customer service issues brought to their attention under the circumstances outlined herein.

The goal of the ESA Board is to provide an equitable system for resolving issues brought forth by our customers. All residents and visitors within the contracted areas of El Paso County are customers covered under the Agreement for emergency ambulance services. Issues under the jurisdiction of other regulatory agencies will be referred to them for resolution.

Disputed Medical Treatment: Issues arising from emergency medical services provided under the Agreement may be referred to medical authorities for resolution. Steps will be taken to determine whether appropriate protocols were followed throughout the incident. The ESA may use the contractor's medical director or independent medical reviews to determine whether appropriate protocols were followed throughout the incident.

Medical Malpractice Issues: Individual medical malpractice claims may be under the jurisdiction of El Paso County, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment or the Colorado Board of Medical Examiners. Individual claims should be referred to the appropriate regulatory agency. The ESA may investigate and take action on allegations of systematic malpractice issues as they relate to the contractor's performance under the ambulance Agreement.

Circumstances NOT Applicable for ESA Review

Non-emergency Ambulance Transport: Concerns resulting from most non-emergency ambulance transport services are not covered by the Agreement. The Agreement covers emergency ambulance services only. If you, as a customer, have a complaint about AMR's transport services in El Paso County, contact AMR directly at the number listed below.

Ambulance Care Reports: Due to patient confidentiality requirements, the ESA has limited access to patient care reports. Requests for patient care reports should be directed to the appropriate contractor representative.

Arbitrators in Insurance/Medicare/Medicaid Disputes: The ESA is not a liaison between the customer and Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies or other payors. Refusal or failure of Medicare, Medicaid or other payor to pay a valid charges billed by the contractor cannot be addressed by the ESA.

Procedures for Resolution of Customer Contacts

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Synopsis of AMR Hardship Assistance Program

This program has been established to offer qualifying patients a reduction in their out-of-pocket expense.

An uninsured individual may apply for the Hardship Assistance Program for services rendered. Eligibility will be based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines. An individual may qualify for the Hardship Assistant Program if they have incurred significant medical bills after payment by third party payers.

Provide the Customer Service Department with the following financial information: A) Gross Income; B) Family Size; C) Employment Status; D) Total financial obligations.

In order to meet requirements under Medicaid/Med Regulations, each application must be evaluated according to established criteria. For a more complete description of the criteria and procedures, please contact Ted Sayer or AMR. Contact information is provided below.

AMR Rates of Service

Direct Comments and Concerns to:

AMR of Colorado
Shawn Howe, Operations Manager
Phone: (719) 597-1277 Ext. 222
Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday
Address: 2370 N. Powers Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80915

For Further Investigation and Concerns::

ESA Business Administration
Customer Service
Ted Sayer, Business Analyst
Phone: (719) 520-7654
Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday
Mailing Address: 3275 Akers Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80922